Write It Off Club
Have you tried every diet plan, and read every diet book?

Are you sick of hating yourself more with every pound you gain?

Is your energy level low?

Have you run out of hope that you'll ever lose weight?

Have you tried more than three diets in your life, without success?

Do you believe that losing weight should be healthy and productive?

Let's face it. Diets simply don't work. 

Instead, they reinforce a climate of self-hatred and failure, to the delight of the billion-dollar weight loss industry.

But what if you could take part in a warm and caring support system, to facilitate weight loss and greater overall health, at an affordable price?

What if you could locate and release the emotional issues beneath your overeating and resulting weight gain?

And finally, what if you could find a community that wants you to set goals that will work for you and your life, not someone else's?

My name is Alyson Mead, and I'm the bestselling author of Wake Up to Your Weight Loss.  I've lost over 90 pounds myself, and kept it off for two years.

But before that, I tried all the diets, made all the mistakes, and regained many, many pounds.  I put my body through the rigors of intense exercise and near starvation, finding some success and then a lot of disappointment—over and over and over.

At a certain point in my life, I wasn't just unhappy and overweight. I realized I was sick of the disrespectful way I was treating myself.

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“It's not about the food; it's about your story! In Wake Up to Your Weight Loss, Alyson Mead presents a creative and fresh approach to weight loss.”

     -- Janice Taylor, author of All Is Forgiven, Move On: Our Lady of Weight Loss's 101 Fat-Burning Steps on Your Journey to Sveltesville

"Alyson Mead's book could just as easily be titled: Wake Up to Yourself, Wake Up to Increased Self Awareness, or Wake Up to an Incalculable Gift of Empowerment.  Brilliant!"  

    -- Doris Wild Helmering, psychotherapist & author of Think Thin, Be Thin


The National Institute of Health Statistics estimates that “diet-conscious adults” will increase by 50% this year.  And in 2003:

• 65% of U.S. citizens tried some form of weight loss or weight control.

• 49% attempted to lose at least five pounds.

• 16% attempted to maintain their weight.

Only 20% of these people were "very" or "extremely" successful, though. Why? 

The New England Journal of Medicine has revealed that losing even a small amount of excess body weight can help decrease our risk of disease, and positively affect our longevity. We listen, but halfway, it appears, spending a great deal of money (around $38 billion last year) in an effort to lose weight, without achieving much success.

Added weight has also been linked to increased risk of heart disease and cancer, as well as type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis sleep apnea, and fatty liver disease.

We know we need to make a change. 

We could just use some common sense direction.

Over the past ten years, "alternative" modalities like tai chi, yoga, and meditation have become more and more a part of our daily lives.

But why do we care for ourselves in yoga one moment, then punish our bodies for wanting the foods that keep us alive in the next? 

Why do we feed our needs – for pleasant relationships, healthy jobs and creative hobbies – only to believe that feeding ourselves is wrong? 

And why do we pretend that we’re not whole, complex people, choosing focus on the body and  ignore our emotional shifts and challenges?

This thinking only creates confusion, internally as well as externally.  And the body reacts accordingly, holding onto weight, and refusing to let go.

I've spent the past twelve years of my life studying, reading and teaching others how to become more empowered about their bodies, their emotional lives and their weight. 

The good news is -- I can help you, too! 

Ready to become an exclusive member of the Write It Off Club?

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“ [Wake Up to Your Weight Loss is] … remarkably well-written and worthwhile. If well-being on any level is the goal, [this book] deliver(s) the goods."

            -- ForeWord Magazine

“This book is the perfect companion for those looking to effect permanent weight loss.”

            -- OneBigHealthNut.com


Since I can't possibly travel everywhere in the world and meet every person struggling with weight loss or weight maintenance issues, I designed the Write It Off Club to help create a community of likeminded people. 

The Write It Off Club is non-exclusive, meaning everyone is welcome.  All that's required is a sincere desire to look within yourself, and try to find your best body, on your own terms. 

There are three main concepts behind the Write It Off Club:

  1. Rather than counting calories, which few of us have the time, energy or inclination to do, we will develop mindfulness. This will help you effortlessly make "good" choices when it comes to eating, exercise and your emotional wellbeing. 
  2. In order to reduce stress and familiarize ourselves with our internal needs, we will cultivate an ongoing meditation practice.  In 5-20 minutes per day, these guided meditations help us see aspects of the weight loss journey we may not have considered, and get us used to the idea of bringing awareness into everything we do.
  3. In order to turn our internal lives into external action, we will do Off the Mat Exercises, and begin to develop a personal storytelling practice.  This makes the Write It Off Club the most personalized weight loss plan out there, because you can work with events that have happened in your own life.

Three very simple ideas, yet very few people actually practice them in reality. 

If you're like the millions of people all over the world who have opted to treat themselves with greater respect when it comes to their health -- including the foods they put into their bodies, and they way they exercise -- you want more than just a calorie-cutting measure. 

You want something that will help you make life changes that last, in a way that's friendly to your already busy life, and any plans you're making for the future. 

You want a personalized plan that's not dogmatic, overly aggressive or filled with shame and self-hatred.

You want something simple, reasonably priced, and uncomplicated.

 The Write It off Club provides all that, and the best part? 
It comes to you!

 "Wake Up to Your Weight Loss is anything but stodgy. It begs us to find and reinforce the things inside us that are good, while letting go of much that is bad, including extra pounds … [Mead's] message of empowered self-acceptance and self-love … is a positive one."

-- January Magazine

"Wake Up To Your Weight Loss is a good companion piece to diet and exercise. It’s better than pills and there are no side effects except feeling more at peace and at home in your own body."

            -- Lynn's Weigh

Ready to become an exclusive member of the Write It Off Club?

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Would you like to:

* Stop looking outside yourself for the "solution" to your weight loss issues?

* Walk right past all those weight loss books on the shelf?

* Stop hating yourself as you affect real change?

* Make mindfulness an easy part of your everyday life?

* Stop the endless cycle of dieting and binging?

* Enjoy a higher level of energy and vitality?

* Restore hope, that you can have a positive effect on your life?

* Develop a healthy, friendly relationship with your body?

* Determine what your best body is, on your own terms?

* Lose or maintain your weight in a fun, healthy and productive way?

If so, the Write It Off Club was developed for you. I created it to combine meditation, follow up exercises and development of a personal storytelling practice to help you deal with the emotional stuff we all carry around that makes us susceptible to carrying extra weight.

This program can help you identify problems behind overeating, provide motivation for exercise, and even help you completely rewrite the story of your life. Once these obstacles are removed, weight loss and weight maintenance becomes much easier.

You don't have to be a writer, or even a good speller, to take part. And all your work is kept private, unless you choose to share it with others.

Crash diets, invasive surgeries and other procedures only reinforce an aggressive and disrespectful approach to our bodies. The Write It Off Club will help you connect with others who are going through the same journey you are, and teach you how to write the pounds off, at your own pace, and in your own time.

Each week, you’ll receive 2-3 emails providing:

• Concrete steps to help you deal with weight loss challenges

• Encouragement and motivation as you continue this process

• Easy-to-follow instructions for building real-life coping strategies

As an absolutely FREE bonus, you will receive:

Access to periodic teleconferences, during which I'll answer specific questions about your challenges, and lead a guided meditation that will link you to the millions of others around the world undergoing the same challenges you are.  We'll form a strong, solid community, extending our best wishes for success to everyone in the circle, and creating a bond with people you may never get to meet in "real" life.

Even if you can't attend the calls in person, you'll receive MP3 versions by email, to enjoy in your own home, in your own time.

WOW!  That’s more than I give the clients who pay my hourly rate!

I've provided personal one-on-one coaching for the past few years, and charge a relatively steep hourly rate.  But with the Write It Off Club, you can enjoy all the same information I give to my other clients, at a fraction of the price.

How can I afford to give away so much great information for this little? 

My life has been wonderful so far, and I've been blessed with a fabulous career.  I read a quote once, in New York magazine, and keep it taped to my computer to remind me of what I have been given.  It reads, “Our responsibility as privileged human beings is to pay back for the opportunities we’ve received.”  I believe, no matter what our challenges, that we are all privileged in some way. 

The Write It Off Club is my attempt to pay back what I have been given:

• A wonderful husband, who encourages my entrepreneurial spirit,

• A comfortable home,

• A loving family and great friends,

• Excellent physical health,

• And a fulfilling spiritual life. 

As many of you know, losing weight is integral to overall health.  We operate from this baseline every day, so doing more – and giving back – can't happen unless we take care of these needs.  I believe there's a way to be healthy and connected, without losing your dignity in the process. 

You could go out and buy dozens of diet books, tapes and online courses you'll never finish. But that's not mindful or effective.

The Write It Off Club ensures that you'll receive the acceptance and support you need now, not at some future date, when you're thin and perfect (I begin from the standpoint that you're perfect at this very moment in time).   

Many people rush to lose weight, thinking it will help them attract a mate, feel more confident, or create the life of their dreams.  But this thinking only escalates suffering, and creates an atmosphere of judgement and failure. With the Write It Off Club, we take a slower, steadier approach, to build confidence, self-acceptance and love from the inside out, until you're making the best choices for your life – across the board!

Here’s how to become a member of the Write It Off Club right now!

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My friends say I’m crazy, that I could be selling this program, filled with simple, easy-to-follow steps for making your weight loss dreams come true, for $77 or more. But I’m a big believer in paying it forward.   I’m willing to offer this monthly membership program for just $39.95 per month, for a limited time only.  For about the cost of two Weight Watchers meetings, you will receive a month's worth of teachings, meditations, follow up exercises, motivation, and instructions on developing a personal storytelling practice so you can do it your way, without limitations or restrictions. 

Achieving your best body begins today, with your membership in the 
Write It Off Club.

You can do it, and I want to help. 

To the achievement of all your weight loss dreams,

Alyson Mead

P.S. The introductory price of $39.95 per month will only last for a limited time!  Take advantage of this special price today.